St. Peter’s Online Calendar

Tips for working with the Google calendar below: to look at a different month, click on the down-arrow next to month, scroll to the desired month and click on any date within that month to display the month. Click on “week” for more detail, or click on a specific event for more detail.

To add this specific Google Calendar to your own Google account, click the + Google Calendar button directly above this sentence.

To print this calendar, click on the “print” icon at the top center of the embedded google calendar. You’ll have choices about the size of the font; the bigger the font, the less words will show up in the box. Depending on your browser settings, when you click Print at the bottom of that dialogue, it may save it as a PDF on your computer or it may directly open up the actual print dialogue.

To add this calendar to Outlook or another calendaring program, use this Calendar ID: